Sculpture Collective of UNT

May 15 2013 (All day) - Jun 5 2013 (All day)

Art exhibition featuring the UNT Sculpture Collective:

Justin Archer, Keegan Arnold, Breena Buettner, Paul Cauthen, Justin Cheshire, William Drummond, Logan Fogarty, Mandy Hampton, Colton Harmon, Alexis Houston, Moritz Landgrebe, Mimi Le, Mica McGuire, Kyle Mitchell, Kristen Nesbitt, Kieth Nolan, Paige Prater, Sophia Sambo, Chris Stewart, Brandon Tinder, Steven White

"The sculpture collective is a group of undergraduates and recent alumni from UNT who like to express themselves artistically in the three-dimensional form. We use three dimensional mediums because these are the best way to express our artistic ideas and intentions. While drawing and painting are mediums that are sometimes used in our processes, there is no better way to represent an artistic idea than to have a physical manifestation of that idea in front of you. We build to communicate these ideas, we build because we must."