Sense & Reason: New Work by Matthew Bourbon

Oct 6 2017 (All day) - Nov 11 2017 (All day)




Knowing that I would have the opportunity to share my art at UNT on the square, I decided to make use of my time as an IAA Fellow to experiment with the presentation of my work.  Thus many of the paintings are for the first time paired with component parts—wood frames, stretched fabric etc. 

This new body of paintings arose from my thoughts about what we deem “reasonable and sensible”.  I felt compelled to wonder what is rational and what makes sense both within the confines of art production and within the gamesmanship of interpretation.  This exhibition revolves around my thinking about how we understand what we experience in art, as well as how we navigate the larger currents of our crass and often malicious political environment?  

Essentially, these new paintings emerge from my curiosity about the different ways one can establish the language of painting in relation to one’s conceptual interests.  I’m fascinated with how paintings are meant to “speak” via the various placeholders of image making— namely figuration, descriptive/architectural space, literal words, and innumerable visual patterns.  Because my interests are not merely formal or only political, I am after a kind of painting that is filled with contradictions and difficulties—such territory seems suitable to the caprices of art, as well as the constant partisan spin of our current cultural milieu.