Nighttime Sky and Other Miscellany by James Flowers

May 15 - June 1


Incorporating found objects and discarded items—creating photographs of items forgotten, is the world that exists in the art of James Flowers. These objects come together in order to make sense of a world as fragments of memory. The universe in these images is ethereal, and like a painter, the artist chooses color and subject matter, weaving together a narrative where the tools are objects, arrangement and photography. The images are ponderings of life itself, science, philosophy, art, and yet they transcend the temporal to show there is still value in parts, as they are made complete again through still arrangement and documentation. The world manifested through these images is full of mystery, and like a dream, is a reminder of what once was, as it is repurposed as art.

James Flowers currently resides in Denton and works at UNT Libraries. When not working on art, he enjoys being under the sky with his telescope, read and learning music. He earned his BFA from UNT in 1996.