Freedman Town 2.0: An Interactive Documentary preserving histories from Freedman Town to Quakertown to Southeast Denton

Event Date: 
Jan 8 2018 (All day) to Feb 3 2018 (All day)

A freedman's town, in the United States, refers to communities built by freedmen, former slaves who were emancipated during and after the American Civil War...

Freedman Town 2.0 is a​n interactive ​gallery​ ​exhibition​ utilizing the Augmented Reality App, Aurasma, to celebrate ​the​ ​life​ ​and​ ​history​ ​of​ ​ ​black​ ​communities in Denton, Texas.​ ​This ​exhibit includes large prints of people and places ​that​ ​chronicle​ ​this​ ​rich​ ​history and celebrates their legacy.​ ​The​ ​earliest​ ​stories​ ​are about​ ​Freedman​ ​Town,​ ​the​ ​first​ ​black​ ​settlement​ ​located​ ​in​ ​the​ ​southeast​ ​part​ ​of​ Denton ​that​ ​was home​ ​to​ ​27​ ​newly​ ​freed​ ​slaves.​ ​Next​ ​are​ ​pieces​ ​about​ ​the​ ​history​ ​of​ ​Quakertown,​ ​the​ ​once thriving black​ ​community​ ​that​ ​came​ ​to​ ​an​ ​early​ ​demise​ ​when​ ​local​ ​officials​ ​wanted​ ​the​ ​community removed​ ​to​ ​make​ ​way​ ​for​ ​a​ ​‘city​ ​park’.​ ​Followed​ ​by​ ​the​ ​unique​ ​history​ ​of​ ​Solomon​ ​Hill,​ ​the neighborhood​ ​that​ ​many​ ​residents​ ​of​ ​Quakertown​ ​were​ ​forced​ ​to​ ​move​ ​to,​ ​now​ ​coined ‘Southeast​ ​Denton’,​ ​a​ ​community​ ​full​ ​of​ ​life​ ​and​ ​history, also where the original Freedman Town settlement was located.​ ​This​ ​exhibit​ ​is​ ​interactive,​ ​using​ ​full​ ​size photographs​ ​of​ ​the​ ​people​ ​and​ ​places​ ​in​ ​these​ ​communities​ ​that​ ​are​ ​linked​ ​to​ ​an​ ​Augmented Reality​ ​(AR)​ ​​ ​app.​ ​You​ ​can​ ​take​ ​any​ ​mobile​ ​device​ ​and​ ​activate​ ​a​ ​video​ ​overlay,​ bringing history to life.


Summer of 2017, Filmmaker and ​Professor, Carla​ LynDale ​Carter​-Bishop ​taught​ ​a​ ​5-week​ ​course​ ​titled,​ ​Interactive​ ​Community​ ​Video, through​ ​the​ ​Department of Media Arts​ ​at​ ​the University of North Texas.​ ​During​ ​the​ ​course,​ ​18​ ​college​ ​students​ ​researched the​ ​history​ ​of​ ​Denton’s​ ​black​ ​community​ ​through​ ​various​ ​field​ ​trips​ ​to​ ​libraries,​ ​museums,​ ​archives and face-to-face interactions with the community.​ ​ ​Students​ produced ​20+ interactive​ ​videos​ ​that​ ​are​ ​triggered​ ​through​ ​various​ ​locations​ ​and​ ​images​ using​ ​an​ ​Augmented​ ​Reality​ ​App.​ ​

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