Rob Erdle, His Students, His Influence

Event Date: 
Apr 23 2014 (All day) to May 21 2014 (All day)

Rob Erdle, His Students, His Influence


Rob Erdle, Regents Professor Emeritus at the University of North Texas (1976 – 2006), was one of the most respected artists/teachers in any university painting program in the State of Texas, in addition to his receiving both national and international recognition.   Known by his students to be strong, fair, just and kind, Erdle was and still is spoken of in almost reverential terms.  In honor of the man, his work and teaching, this exhibition showcases his paintings along with those of his university students,  and  artists from his workshops and travels.   This man had a profound influence on the lives of his students as indicated by the number who still paint in watercolor.  Rob Erdle's work could be classified as "interpretive landscape painting,"--colorful imagery that blurs the line between the representational and the abstract.  He generated interest in the medium by pushing the limits of scale, atmosphere and technique, but it was his level of devotion that most excited his students.  The works of Rebecca Barham, John Carollo, David Collins, Millie Giles, Beth Gouldin, Sam Ivie, Mary Quiros, Jo Williams, and Stephen Zhang each demonstrate a  unique approach and show the depth of Erdle's teaching, while representing the continuation of his legacy and the relevancy of the watercolor medium.


Rob Erdle

Rebecca Barham

John Carollo

David Collins

Millie Giles

Beth Gouldin

Sandra Ibach

Sam Ivie

Mary Quiros

Amy Schnoll

Jo Williams

Stephen Zhang